March 6, 2021

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Defense Comes Out On Top

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Image Credit: Douglas DeFelice | USA TODAY Sports

Today August 28, Friday morning, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took to the field of Raymond James Stadium. For some of these players, it was the first time walking out on to the hallowed turf.

One of these players would be one of the biggest focal points of the Buccaneers off-season, Tom Brady!

The offense has been much praised this summer as the already impressive unit is set to reach new heights with arguably the greatest ever QB to play the game. With a plethora of weapons unlike anything ever seen in New England, where Brady enjoyed so much success, hopes were high for this unit, and media were gathered in the Stadium to witness the offensive juggernaut in action.

According to Head Coach Bruce Arians, that was not the case. Arians responded to the gathered media to say that he feels the defense won the day. While this might shock many fans, some may even begin to worry that the offense is not as advertised; those fans might not be aware that in practices and team scrimmages, the defense is often dominant. This is because, after the first few reps, the defense knows EXACTLY what is coming at them. There is no mystery at all, and plays can be anticipated and more easily broken up.

Let me cast your minds back to Super Bowl XXXVII, the Buccaneers defense knew exactly what was heading their way and dominated that game, putting on a defensive masterclass.

The scrimmage is a great way for coaches to assess individuals during the process; after all, the cancellation pf the pres-season means judging who stays and who gets cut will be harder than ever when building the depth chart. For now, let us all take a deep breath and realize that the Buccaneers offense is in great hands and let us be happy with the strides taken by the defense.

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