April 22, 2021

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No Mere Mortals

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Big, strong, intelligent, and tough as nails; that’s what it takes to be an offensive lineman. The offensive lineman is not your run of the mill player, they are some times not even human-like in their feats of strength when having to hold back one or even two, and hell, sometimes three 260-320 lbs snarling defensive players; who only want to harm your quarterback or your running back. It takes a lot to be one of these iron-borne mountains of men to play in the position week after week, day after day, and year after year, and 60 or more snaps every single game. But that’s not what I exactly wish to discuss.

The OL Masterminds Summit is a place where these colossal demigods can find peace and relaxation, talk about technique, share opinions, and feast! It is the Asgard for an offensive lineman and is looked forward to every year. The 2020 OL Masterminds Summit was a little bit different than previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s Summit, every player, media member, event staff personnel, and coach were tested for COVID-19, temperature checks before entering into the event-ballroom, and had to sign mandatory waivers. The safety of everyone was a top priority, but for some, the chicken wing eating contest was also pretty high on their priority list as well. Big men equal big appetites, and our very own Ryan Jensen had the biggest of them all!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Wing Dinner!

 Congrats on the big win, Big Red! 



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