May 18, 2021

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Ryan Jensen Poised for His 1st Pro Bowl?

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By now, the Giant that is Ryan Jensen is well known to Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. Since 2018, Jensen has been the glue holding an often underperforming offensive line together, repeatedly rated as one of the best performers in his position in football.

Since being drafted by Baltimore in the 6th round back in 2013, Ryan Jensen has fought and battled, his ability often too obvious to ignore. After Jensen became established as the undisputed guy in the Ravens organization, Free Agency came calling; Jensen had impressed the Bucs enough that the contract offered in March of 2018 made “Big Red” the highest-paid center in football. – A contract that his play had earned, and in the two seasons that Jensen has played in Tampa, he has quickly become a fan favorite for his play on the field and the person he is off the field and the work he does for the community.

Despite being repeatedly graded as one of the tops, if not the number 1, centers in football, one accolade has repeatedly escaped him – The Pro Bowl!

While it is my personal opinion that the Pro Bowl means bupkis these days due to it being a flawed popularity contest, it is still a feather in the cap to look back on after a long career. The fact that Jensen is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer has undoubtedly meant that Ryan has been looked over time and time again; however, with the arrival of Brady meaning that the eyes of the media are now on Tampa, Jensen gets to stand proudly in that spotlight.

The increased media attention is going to highlight the play of Ryan Jensen for a whole nation to see just how good he is.
A Pro Bowl appearance should soon be added to the growing list of achievements in the career of Ryan “Big Red” Jensen.

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