April 22, 2021

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Buccaneers first GM Phil Krueger passed away at the age of 90

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Coached all phases of the game

Mr. Krueger was the Head Football Coach at Utah State and Fresno State. He was also a defensive assistant at USC when the team won the National Title in 1967. Krueger coached all phases of the game offense, defense, and special teams. Working under John Mckay at USC helped pave the way to Krueger coaching the offensive backfield under the same in Tampa. In 1991, when the Bucs moved on from the coaches making personnel decisions, Krueger was named the team’s first General Manager.

Coached under McKay at USC

Phil Krueger was part of the staff at USC when a completely integrated Trojan team went down to Birmingham and torched Bear Bryant’s all-white team 42-21 in 1970. Krueger was a good friend of Joe Gibbs and helped pave his way to Tampa when the Cardinals let Gibbs go. Gibbs had many good things to say about the former Bucs Coach and GM.

Mr. Krueger is survived by his wife of 59 years Kathy. His daughter Kristi, and two grandchildren. Kristi had this to say about her Dad.

 “Phil Krueger was tough.. the reason I couldn’t get a date in high school (that’s my story),” daughter Kristi Krueger, a longtime anchor at WPLG-TV in Miami, posted on Facebook. “But my friends loved ‘Big Phil’, and he loved them. Dad was a brilliant writer, and the reason I love poetry.” – Per the Associated Press for NFL.com

Led a very fulfilling professional and personal life

Phil Krueger was coaching special teams during Tampa’s first playoff appearance in 1979. Phil Krueger will be missed by all that knew him and many that didn’t. Such is the aftermath of an exceptional man and career. Thanks, Mr. Krueger for all that you did for the Bucs and laying the foundation of our favorite team. Rest in Peace. Phil Krueger: October 6, 1929 – June 22, 2020

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