April 22, 2021

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A Buccaneers Super Bowl Run Hinges Upon The Defense

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As good as the offense could be it’s the defense that must lead the way

Add a first-ballot Hall of Fame G.O.A.T to the roster, not to mention another first-ballot inductee in tight-end Gronkowski, who would definitely be a top pick for the Greatest of All Time to a team that to some degree was already loaded you would think that it’s the offense that would be running the show at the head of the Victory Parade. Not so fast! Hold the float right where it is! Just like in the Buccaneers’ first Super Bowl run, if it happens with Brady, it will be the Bucs’ overwhelming defense that again sets the tone and the pace.

Loaded from top to bottom with outstanding talent

The Buccaneers defense is a defense that is not only capable of some big plays, but a defense that will eat you alive. Tampa’s front end and we know how good they are with Pierre-Paul for the entire season if he holds up, along with last season’s overwhelming force and sack leader, Shaq Barrett, Suh, and Vita Vea pressing things upfront on the quarterback, it gets even more crucial at the next level with the Bucs’ linebackers; LaVonte David, and Devin White. Last but not least, you have the Buccaneers’ defensive backfield. The secondary hasn’t exactly been a unit that had impressed anyone over the last good bit of years. Thanks to Jason Licht, this is now a group that has a completely different talent and an identity. The secondary unit is now going to be a strength instead of a liability. The secondary is going to be a takeaway driven unit that is going to outright make some good quarterbacks look bad. While the offense has some big names, it pretty much levels out after naming four maybe five players tops. When you talk about the defense, it’s virtually every player, but for sure, it goes 8-9 deep without a problem. As good as the offense will be, the defense is far more loaded with studs from top to bottom.

Opposing offenses are in for a rude awakening

Truly, I’m feeling bad in advance for what opposing teams are going to face when they line up across from this band of Pirates. Where are they going to go? There are virtually no weaknesses if all the starters are healthy. It’s going to be like falling into a yellow Jackets nest at the bottom of a hole you tripped into. I’m sure most reading this are shaking their heads and thinking, man this guy has got it bad; way too big of a Homer. Honestly, that take is a fair assessment of my above rants. Somewhere along the line, throughout this season, there is going to come a time when the B.S. stops and history begins. At that moment, folks, remember where you were and remember who told you it was going to be this way for the Bucs. If on the other hand, at that moment, you realize that this defense is just a bit better than average, wake up, you’re asleep and having a bad dream. Go Bucs!!

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