March 1, 2021

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Could we see kneeling in 2020?

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Image Credits: Jeff Hanisch | USA TODAY Sports

With recent events unfolding involving law enforcement and the community, there has been a national outcry for the violence to stop, and for a chance to be made. 4 years ago, we saw the same outcry happen when players such as Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, Mike Evans, and others took a knee during the National Anthem in what became nationwide debate even to this day. Since then, Kaepernick hasn’t been seen on a football field since 2017 when he was left with no team to sign with.
Fast forward to 2020, not only has the Coronavirus put a damper on the way things could be, but the recent killing of George Floyd on Memorial Day has sparked that national outcry again, only this time there’s more than just Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid leading the charge. Many players have spoken up since then including many over the weekend when protests turned ugly in many states, including Minnesota, New York, Georgia, and Florida.

Recently, the question has been asked involving Kaepernick and the kneeling, and while many are still against it, but many are now understanding what the actual reasoning had nothing to do with disrespect towards the flag nor the Anthem and everything to do with the injustice in America.

Currently, as an Army Veteran writing this, I will admit that 3-4 years ago, I was many of those who despised Kaepernick for the kneeling, But I now understand what the cause was for. Although I won’t be changing my stance and will still stand for the anthem, I do understand that it is a possibility that this could return to the NFL in 2020. My hope is that a change can be made by this time and the kneeling won’t happen, but let’s be honest here, we are talking about our justice system in the first place. But the sad reality remains, and that is that we could very well possibly see many players of every race kneeing in protest as that seemed to truly open the eyes of the typical American. When this happens, it would be smart for Roger Godell to understand the situation and get behind his employees.

Does this mean Kaepernick will have a job any time soon? Probably not, but this could be a win overall for the NFL players and the NFL as a whole if Goddell can actually get on the same page as the players. This also doesn’t mean you have to be a Kaepernick fan or anything of that sort, but seeing things in an open-mind would be a big start for “us” as Americans.

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