March 7, 2021

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Bruce Arians talks on how Tom Brady is changing the Buccaneers

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Image credits: Steve Flynn | USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 offseason has been one for the record books. The Buccaneers have pioneered the charge on change this offseason with the extremely shocking signing of future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. The response has been positive from fans and team members in Tampa, especially since their new quarterback has such an impressive winning resume.

Bruce Arians boasted about the leadership that Tom Brady brings on “Uncorked” on YouTube.

“We got a great locker room, but to now get a guy that’s been there, done it, six times, the G.O.A.T? When he talks, they listen. It’s so different than a coach. I think for us as coaches, there has to be a bond between the coach and those guys, so that you give them ownership. You ask them questions. How do you want to do things? So if they think they have a big hand in it, they send a message to the rest of the guys. They send your message to the rest of the guys. With Tom, it’s been fantastic.”

This is a promising statement for a team that has faced back to back losing seasons since 2016 and no playoff berths in over a decade. While offseason fireworks for the Buccaneers have never been in short supply, this one feels different. At least for now.

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