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An offer You Cant Refuse?

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Image Credits: Troy Taormina | USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Jefferey McLane and an Eagles insider for the Philadelphia Inquirer, tweeted out that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have both extended offers to veteran running back, Devonta Freeman. According to McLane’s Tweet, Freeman is currently weighing his options as to which of the two teams he will be joining this year.

However, Greg Auman has stated that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not extended any such contract offer to the veteran running back. Other Sources very close to the Buccaneers have also come forward to us and stated that the news of an offer made by Tampa is untrue; however, that it may, in fact, be Devonta Freeman who would like an offer from the Bucs if The Eagles can’t pony up.

Even so, many Bucs fans are on the fence with Freeman and skeptical of his worth as he has had an issue with injury and had been dubbed injury-prone for having said issues; however, Freeman is not finished yet, in my opinion.

Although it had come out earlier this season that Freeman may sit the entire season if he does not get the money he is looking for, Tampa’s newly acquired quarterback could add weight to his hypothetical decision making, if a contract had been offered. And if hypothetically a contract was offered and he accepted, I would not expect Freeman to be a starter by no means, although not out of the realm of possibility, I’d still expect him to be more than a complementary back, one that can help elevate the Buccaneers young running backs with his veteran experience.

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