May 5, 2021

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Time to Step it Up!

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Time to Step Up! The 2020 season is fast approaching.

On paper, our Tampa Bay Buccaneers are seen as early contenders to make a run at the Super Bowl. There are a few players that need to step up and have a big-time season, but none, in my opinion, stick out more than Ronald Jones.

Jones is coming off a season where the run game seemingly did not help what was considered to be a top-three offense in the NFL. However, Rojo finished the season with over 1000 all-purpose yards and put the ball in the end zone SIX times.

This is season; he will be asked to carry more of the load in the run game. The offense will go as Tom Brady goes, but Ronald Jones will have to be the oil. If he isn’t running well, the offense could end up being stagnant. Jones and the running game have to help the offense move the ball down the field more if they want to make those Super Bowl aspirations to come true!

Ronald Jones, the ball is in your field!

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