April 21, 2021

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Buccaneers and Brady Marriage: An oddity unforeseen

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Image Credits: Greg M. Cooper | USA TODAY Sports

No-one could have seen this coming before the offseason began

If someone had said a year, or five, even ten years ago that Tom Brady would one day be an on-field employee of that Bucs team down in Tampa, they surely would have been laughed at. How could it possibly be true that a team considered to be one of the worst teams historically in the NFL lured the G.O.A.T. to quarterback their franchise? The answer to that question might even be harder to believe than the question. The answer is that they really didn’t have to. The G.O.A.T. actually did most of the talking, selling himself to the Dale Mabry headquartered franchise. His familiarity with Arians’ offense, during that discussion, surprised both Arians and Jason Licht. Of course, Brady didn’t have to twist any arms to sell them both on the pitch, but it’s a head-scratcher for the majority of NFL fans around the country. Not to us though. Bucs’ fans know what’s going on with their team. We know that we’re on the verge of being great again.

This isn’t your typical Bucs team

The defense is back to a place where they will be challenging other great Bucs Defensive units over the years in terms of their greatness. I believe this unit could contain three to four future Hall of Fame candidates. But that’s another article. The point is that you put that aspect with a couple of future Hall of Fame wide receivers, two strong tight ends, a running back like Ronald Jones II, who is on the verge of bursting into his own, and possibly add another strong back in this year’s draft to compliment Jones, throw in some upgrades at the offensive line positions; it becomes clearer as to why Tom Brady was attracted to playing in the Sunshine State. The fact that the Bucs had Cap space for him as well didn’t hurt, but make no mistake about it, Brady has played for less than his worth for many, many seasons. Money is not the driving factor in his coming to Tampa.

There are still doubters

As much as Brady should be the undisputed G.O.A.T., he is not to some. There are a collection of so-called “experts”, “booth dwellers”, and regular old fans that say Brady is nothing more than a product of the system in New England. Having Bill Belichick as his coach and basically, the GM is why he’s been so successful, they say. So now you have Tom Brady at the ripe age of 43 coming into a new system on a typically awful NFL Team. If in fact, he “still has it in the tank”, which I believe he still does – minus a bit of downfield arm strength – then prepare to be wowed. There are rarities in history that have done it; players in many sports that outlast and outplay the norm at an elevated age; i.e., Gordy Howe retired in the end when he was 52. Tom has always kept himself in tip-top shape. His eating habits, workout regimen, etc, are second to none at his position. Believing that he can squeeze two more seasons out of his body is completely plausible.

Time will tell if his coming here was the answer for both parties

In the end, if he is able to lead this team to another Lombardi trophy and earn his seventh ring – this time with a perpetually bad team – he will have proven his detractors wrong, and become the undisputed G.O.A.T.! Welcome to Tampa Tom. Here’s to you proving all the doubters wrong and leading us to the promised land. Go Bucs!!

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