April 11, 2021

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Possible Buccaneers 2020 Draft Prospects

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With the NFL Combine concluding over the weekend, the NFL Draft season has officially begun. I realize that we still have free agency coming up in less than two weeks, but I don’t see the Bucs being too active in it besides trying to re-sign their own players. I’ve put out a couple of mock drafts now, but I thought that I would put together a list of players the Bucs showed some interest in at the Combine and also a few that I really like in the draft as well. Here we go, in no particular order of importance.



The Buccaneers quarterback situation is completely up in the air right now but should be settled within the next week or two. I see only one of three things happening. Either one, the Bucs re-sign Jameis Winston to a multi-year deal. Two, they sign Tom Brady in free agency and let Jameis walk. Or three, they end up with neither and their QB situation is left in limbo leaving them no choice but to draft one early in April. No matter what happens, they could be taking one at some point in this draft so here are a few that fit the needs of Arians offense.

*Jordan Love, Utah State*

Projected Round: 1

6’4″/ 225lbs, 4.74 forty

26 games, 63% comp, 6,969 yards, 52 TDs, 23 INTs

Ideal size, cannon for an arm, good mobility, above-average athleticism


Jacob Eason, Washington

Projected Round: 1-2

6’6″/ 227lbs, 4.89 forty

26 games, 60% comp, 5,590 yards, 39 TDs, 16 INTs

Rocket launcher arm, good pocket awareness, very poised, ability to extend plays with his legs, great size


Nate Stanley, Iowa

Projected Round: 4-6

6’4″/ 243lbs, 4.81 forty

39 games, 58% comp, 8,297 yards, 68 TDs, 23 INTs

Traditional pocket passer ran a pro-style offense in college



Ronald Jones seems poised to take over the primary role in the Bucs backfield, but they could still stand to add some more talent back there. They need a dual-threat runner/receiver that they can use as a third-down back, so here’s a list of backs in this draft that fit the bill.

D’Andre Swift, Georgia

Projected Round: 1

5’9″/ 215lbs, 4.48 forty

43 games, 440 att, 2,885 rush yards, 6.6 ypc, 73 rec, 666 rec yards, 25 TDs

Rare athleticism, a game-breaking playmaker, excellent feet and vision, explosive speed, Christian McCaffrey type skillset


Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin

Projected Round: 1-2

5’11″/ 220lbs, 4.39 forty

41 games, 926 att, 6,174 rush yards, 6.7 ypc, 42 rec, 407 rec yards, 55 TDs

Size, power, and speed, smooth runner, elusive, patient and decisive as a runner, good vision


Clyde Edwards-Helaire, LSU

Projected Round: 2-3

5’8″/ 210lbs, 4.60 forty

28 games, 361 att, 2,103 rush yards, 5.7 ypc, 66 rec, 549 rec yards, 24 TDs

Natural runner, good vision and balance, compact and powerful frame, shifty and quick, solid route runner


JK Dobbins, Ohio State

Projected Round: 2-3

5’10″/ 217lbs

42 games, 725 att, 4,459 rush yards, 6.2 ypc, 71 rec, 645 rec yards, 43 TDs

Wonderful vision and decision making ability, a smooth runner with attacking style, solid pass protector and pass-catcher out of the backfield


Cam Akers, Florida State

Projected Round: 2-3

5’11″/ 212lbs, 4.47 forty

36 games, 586 att, 2,875 rush yards, 4.9 ypc, 69 rec, 486 rec yards, 34 TDs

Tough downhill runner, solid ability and instincts in pass protection, good long speed


Zack Moss, Utah

Projected Round: 2-3

5’10″/ 222lbs, 4.65 forty

45 games, 712 att, 4,067 rush yards, 5.7 ypc, 66 rec, 685 rec yards, 41 TDs

Strong lower body, good instincts, proactive athleticism, solid body control, and balance, decisive runner


Antonio Gibson, Memphis

Projected Round: 4-5

6’2″/ 220lbs, 4.39 forty

19 games, 33 att, 369 rush yards, 11.2 ypc, 44 rec, 1,203 rec yards, 19.6 ypc, 14 TDs

Tremendous open-field athlete, elite returner vision, explosive, slasher-type runner, homerun hitter with second-level speed, versatility, wide receiver ability out of the backfield


Jonathan Ward, Central Michigan

Projected Round: 5-6

6’/ 202lbs

42 games, 473 att, 2,544 rush yards, 5.4 ypc, 98 rec, 909 rec yards, 32 TDs

A natural receiver, good size, explosive playmaking ability, plays with good pad level and balance, accelerates up to speed quickly


Anthony McFarland, Maryland

Projected Round: 5-6

5’9″/ 200lbs, 4.4 forty

23 games, 245 att, 1,648 rush yards, 6.7 ypc, 24 rec, 199 rec yards, 13 TDs

Speedy and elusive, slippery runner, elite acceleration, big play waiting to happen, dynamic cutter, thrives in space, lightning in a bottle


Javon Leake, Maryland

Projected Round: 5-6

6’/ 215lbs, 4.65 forty

30 games, 145 att, 1,144 rush yards, 7.9 ypc, 17 TDs

Good vision, short-range burst with long-range speed, patient runner, outstanding kick returner


DeeJay Dallas, Miami

Projected Round: 5-6

5’10″/ 215lbs, 4.58 forty

33 games, 265 att, 1,527 rush yards, 5.8 ypc, 28 rec, 317 rec yards, 19 TDs

Stout strong build, balanced and powerful at the point of attack, willing physical blocker in pass pro 


JaMycal Hasty, Baylor

Projected Round: 5-6

5’9″/ 205lbs, 4.55 forty

45 games, 386 att, 1,998 rush yards, 5.2 ypc, 79 rec, 485 rec yards, 16 TDs

Sprinter background, physical no-nonsense runner, good decisiveness and vision, highly active as a pass catcher and an effective blocker




This might be the biggest position of need on the team. Last year’s starting right tackle Demar Dotson is a free agent and if they do re-sign him, it will be as a reserve, not the starter. They need to get younger and stronger at that position so look for them to use an early-round pick to grab one. Here’s a list of some of the best in the draft, as well as some others that the Bucs have shown interest in.

Mekhi Becton, Louisville

Projected Round: Top 15

6’7″/ 364lbs, 5.1 forty, 23 bench reps

Devastating raw power, ridiculous reach, more foot speed and lateral mobility than expected for his size, maulers mentality, powerful anchor, good body control and balance for his size


Jedrick Wills, Alabama

Projected Round: Top 15

6’4″/ 312lbs, 5.05 forty, 34.5″ vert, 113″ broad, 4.84 shuttle

Dominant functional strength, heavy hands and stout anchor, unbreakable grip strength, punches with excellent timing and placement, polished footwork, finisher’s mentality, and a road grader


Tristan Wirfs, Iowa

Projected Round: Top 20

6’5″/ 320lbs, 4.85 forty, 24 bench reps, 36.5″ vert, 121″ broad, 7.65 3-cone, 4.68 shuttle

Highly impressive mobility, body control, and functional strength, good foot speed, explosive mover, game over grip strength 


Andrew Thomas, Georgia

Projected Round: Top 15

6’5″/ 315lbs, 5.22 forty, 21 bench reps, 30.5 vert, 109″ broad, 7.58 3-cone, 4.66 shuttle

Good athleticism, physical and strong at the point of attack, powerful worker, true bruiser, an above-average athlete for his size


Prince Tega Wanogho, Auburn

Projected Round: 1-2

6’5″/ 310lbs

Explosive and fast for an offensive tackle, basketball background, impressive athleticism, excellent reach, dynamic booming power, terrific short-area movement skills


Josh Jones, Houston

Projected Round: 2-3

6’5″/ 320lbs, 5.27 forty, 24 bench reps, 28.5 vert, 109″ broad

Ideal physical traits, good mobility and athletic ability for size, still raw 


Austin Jackson, USC

Projected Round: 2-3

6’6″/ 322lbs, 5.07 forty, 27 bench reps, 31″ vert, 115″ broad, 7.95 3-cone

An intriguing blend of length and mobility, good overall athleticism, very raw


Matt Peart, Connecticut

Projected Round: 2-3

6’7″/ 318lbs, 5.06 forty, 26 bench reps, 30″ vert, 113″ broad, 8.01 3-cone, 4.92 shuttle

Immense size, giant wingspan, light on his feet, has a nasty streak, basketball background athleticism, versatility as a guard and tackle


Lucas Niang, Texas Christian

Projected Round: 3-4

6’6″/ 315lbs

Big athletic powerful blocker, unexpected mobility for his size, violent hands, massive human being, long reach and stout anchor, explosive burst out of stance



The Bucs have two reserve guards hitting free agency this off-season, so adding some depth to the interior o-line could be on the Bucs agenda at some point during the draft. Here are a few options at guard and center.


Lloyd Cushenberry III, LSU (C)

Projected Round: 2-3

6’3″/ 312lbs, 5.23 forty, 25 bench reps

Rare length for a center, outstanding grip strength, unquestioned leadership, dynamic run blocker, polished technician, functional strength is plentiful, finisher’s mentality


Nick Harris, Washington (C)

Projected Round: 3-4

6’1″/ 302lbs, 5.1 forty, 20 bench reps, 29.5″ vert, 103″ broad

Excellent athleticism, sound technician, a solid understanding of defenses and a good communicator, squatty powerful build, active hands, and feet, explosive out of stance



John Simpson, Clemson (G)

Projected Round: 3-4

6’4″/ 320lbs, 5.24 forty, 34 bench reps, 30″ vert, 107″ broad, 8.03 3-cone, 4.87 shuttle

Violent heavy hands, nasty mean streak, natural strength with upper and lower body power, an absolute bulldozer, plays like a bully


Robert Hunt, La-LaFayette

Projected Round: 3-4

6’5″/ 323lbs

Big and powerful, a nasty run blocker, versatility at both guard and tackle, good mobility for size, outstanding grip strength, 4-year starter, massive size, plays with an edge


Ben Bartch, St. John’s (G)

Projected Round: 3-4

6’6″/ 310lbs

Very heavy hands, devastating finisher, great play awareness, high football IQ, good overall athleticism for size, small school prospect, dominant against D-III competition


Damien Lewis, LSU (G)

Projected Round: 4-5

6’2″/ 327lbs, 5.24 forty, 27 bench reps, 30″ vert, 108″ broad

Decent foot speed and power, functional strength with natural power


Darryl Williams, Mississippi State (G/C)

Projected Round: 4-5

6’2″/ 305lbs, 5.23 forty, 23 bench reps, 25.5″ vert, 102″ broad, 7.88 3-cone, 4.76 shuttle

Smart tough player, great grip strength, versatility at both guard and center, considered a developmental project



This could end up being a big draft need depending on how free agency goes with Ndamukong Suh and Beau Allen. If they are both re-signed, then DT won’t be much of a priority. If they’re not, it will be a target in the first or second round. Here are a few players that would fit nicely in Todd Bowles scheme.

Derrick Brown, Auburn

Projected Round: Top 15

6’5″/ 326lbs, 5.16 forty, 28 bench reps, 27″ vert, 108″ broad, 8.22 3-cone, 4.79 shuttle

45 games, 170 tackles, 33 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks, 8 passes defended, 5 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries

Very good athlete for his size, schematic versatility and true positional flexibility, serious power, virtually unmovable by single players, extremely disruptive, excellent bullrush, a dynamic defensive playmaker.


Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

Projected Round: Top 20

6’5″/ 324lbs

29 games, 82 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, 10 sacks, 8 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries

Explosive out of stance, one-gap penetrator, dominates with power and quickness, good reactive athleticism, a disruptive play wrecker, very good get off


Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma

Projected Round: 2-3

6’2″/ 305lbs, 4.79 forty, 23 bench reps, 7.97 3-cone, 5.01 shuttle

46 games, 147 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, 5 forced fumbles

First step quickness, active hands, has a variety of pass rush moves, plays with great leverage, can be disruptive at times.


Ross Blacklock, TCU

Projected Round: 2-3

6’3″/ 290lbs, 4.9 forty, 29″ vert, 107″ broad, 7.77 3-cone, 4.67 shuttle

24 games, 67 tackles, 15.5 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks

Power, size and motor, outstanding hand placement, and timing, plays like a bully, physically talented, very athletic, a violent finisher, light on his feet.


Raekwon Davis, Alabama

Projected Round: 2-3

6’6″/ 310lbs, 5.12 forty, 24 bench reps, 28″ vert, 111″ broad, 7.95 3-cone, 4.86 shuttle

43 games, 175 tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks

Serious power and length, incredible wingspan, good movement skills, impressive initial explosiveness, outworks, and outhustles blockers, plenty of functional athleticism.


Marlon Davidson, Auburn

Projected Round: 2-3

6’3″/ 303lbs, 5.04 forty, 21 bench reps

50 games, 174 tackles, 28 tackles for loss, 14.5 sacks, 9 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles

Sledgehammers for hands, relentless motor, 4-year starter, quick first step, a nearly immovable object, great size, strength and athleticism, short-area explosiveness, schematic and positional versatility.


Rashard Lawrence, LSU

Projected Round: 3-4

6’2″/ 302lbs, 5.07 forty, 22 bench reps, 8.03 3-cone

39 games, 120 tackles, 20.5 tackles for loss, 9 sacks, 7 passes defended

Good athlete, schematic versatility, can be an absolute play wrecker.



Again, the priority for this position will be determined by what happens in free agency with Shaq BarrettCarl Nassib and Jason Pierre-Paul. It looks like the team will be placing the franchise tag on Barrett, so if they can also re-sign JPP and maybe Nassib too, this would just be a luxury pick for added depth. Here are some guys that could work.

K’Lavon Chaisson, LSU

Projected Round: Top 20

6’3″/ 254lbs

24 games, 92 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 9.5 sacks, 4 passes defended

Thickly built frame, great size, and length, excellent mobility, smooth and explosive out of stance, exceptional first step and closing burst, long arms and heavy hands, has a freaky bend, a nonstop motor, dynamic edge defender, incredibly high ceiling.


AJ Epenesa, Iowa

Projected Round: Top 20

6’5″/ 275lbs, 5.04 forty, 17 bench reps, 32.5″ vert, 117″ broad, 7.34 3-cone, 4.46 shuttle

37 games, 101 tackles, 36 tackles for loss, 26.5 sacks, 7 passes defended, 9 forced fumbles

Exceptional length and overwhelming power, heavy hands, a devastating bullrush, great speed to power, dynamic defensive playmaker, very sound technician, super effective at defending the run, a strong anchor.


Jason Strowbridge, North Carolina

Projected Round: 4-5

6’4″/ 275lbs, 4.89 forty, 26 bench reps, 31″ vert, 113″ broad, 7.45 3-cone, 4.37 shuttle

42 games, 123 tackles, 22 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks, 3 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries

Swift mover, versatile player, flashy quickness, very good length, more of a high-upside developmental player.


DJ Wonnum, South Carolina

Projected Round: 4-5

6’5″/ 260lbs, 4.73 forty, 20 bench reps, 34.5″ vert, 123″ broad, 7.25 3-cone, 4.44 shuttle

41 games, 137 tackles, 29.5 tackles for loss, 14 sacks, 5 passes defended

Named team captain as a sophomore, relentless worker, powerful player with active hands and arms, has a natural feel as a rusher.



The Bucs have one of the better starting inside linebacker duos in the league. Reserve LB Kevin Minter is a free agent and Jack Cichy has an extensive injury history, so this could end up being a focus for them in the middle rounds. Here are a few possible targets.

Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech

Projected Round: 2-3

6’/ 240lbs, 4.54 forty

46 games, 360 tackles, 32 tackles for loss, 6.5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 6 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles

Top shelf range as a tackler, a high motor defender, sideline to sideline abilities, fluid athlete and natural mover.


Krys Barnes, UCLA

Projected Round: 4-5

6’2″/ 235lbs

34 games, 210 tackles, 20.5 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 13 passes defended

Plays fast with good instincts, has a good nose for the football, an efficient tackler, good in coverage, consistent player who doesn’t make many mistakes.


Joe Bachie Jr, Michigan State

Projected Round: 4-5

6’1″/ 230lbs, 4.67 forty, 26 bench reps, 33.5″ vert, 119″ broad, 6.93 3-cone, 4.34 shuttle

36 games, 285 tackles, 28 tackles for loss, 7 sacks, 5 interceptions, 11 passes defended, 4 forced fumbles

Downhill stopping power, a good communicator, excellent diagnostic ability and mental quickness, good instincts and high football IQ doesn’t miss many tackles, plays disciplined, blue-collar player and team leader.


Antoine Brooks Jr, Maryland

Projected Round: 5-6

5’11″/ 220lbs, 4.64 forty, 18 bench reps, 34.5″ vert

40 games, 237 tackles, 27.5 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks, 4 interceptions, 9 passes defended

More of a hybrid LB/S, good anticipation in coverage, plays with a revved-up motor, displays team leadership, good short-area quickness, a stout tackler, potential special teams “ace”.



This is a frustrating position for Tampa. They could be in really good shape or they could end up needing to draft one or even two safeties in April. It all depends on how Justin Evans returns from his injuries and if they sign one in free agency.

Grant Delpit, LSU

Projected Round: Top 20

6’2″/ 213lbs

40 games, 199 tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, 7 sacks, 8 interceptions, 24 passes defended

Incredible range, long lean build, a true ballhawk, constantly around the football, tremendous foot speed, fluid natural mover, high blitz productivity, high football IQ, a dynamic defensive playmaker.


Kyle Dugger, Lenoire-Rhyne

Projected Round: 1-2

6’1″/ 217lbs, 4.49 forty, 17 bench reps, 42″ vert, 134″ broad

42 games, 237 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, 10 interceptions, 36 passes defended, 6 forced fumbles, 6 fumble recoveries

Explosive athlete with good size attacks downhill with excellent hitting power, showcases good ball skills, a sure tackler, terrific athleticism, a D-II sensation, should be an elite special teamer.


Antoine Winfield Jr, Minnesota

Projected Round: 1-2

5’9″/ 203lbs, 4.45 forty, 36″ vert, 124″ broad

30 games, 172 tackles, 7 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, 9 interceptions, 6 passes defended

An instinctive defender, explosive and powerful hitter, physical and aggressive at point of attack, excellent ball skills, a dynamic blitzer, exceptional play processing ability, an elite competitor, fearless in the box as a run defender.


Jaylinn Hawkins, California

Projected Round: 4-5

6’1″/ 208lbs, 35.5″ vert, 117″ broad

48 games, 156 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 10 interceptions, 7 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles

Prototypical size for a box safety, high energy player, doesn’t shy away from contact, a true ballhawk with excellent ball skills.


Reggie Floyd, Virginia Tech

Projected Round: 5-6

6’/ 222lbs

39 games, 222 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 5 interceptions, 10 passes defended

A booming hitter, high motor player and plays with effort, good size and build.



This isn’t much of a priority as far as the draft is concerned, but it could be something that they look at in later rounds or with the undrafted free agents. So here are some options for the Bucs in this year’s cornerback class.


Reggie Robinson II, Tulsa

Projected Round: 3-4

6’1″/ 205lbs, 4.44 forty, 22 bench reps, 36″ vert, 132″ broad, 7.09 3-cone, 4.18 shuttle

41 games, 132 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 3 interceptions, 34 passes defended

Great size, very athletic, highly productive in college, aggressive tackler.


Stanford Samuels III, Florida State

Projected Round: 3-4

6’1″/ 190lbs, 4.65 forty

34 games, 145 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, 8 interceptions, 16 passes defended

A tall player with excellent ball skills, long with a big wingspan.


Javaris Davis, Auburn

Projected Round: 5-6

5’8″/ 183lbs, 4.39 forty, 11 bench reps, 35.5″ vert, 124″ broad

44 games, 150 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 8 interceptions, 27 passes defended

Speed for days, very productive college career, played against SEC competition.


James Pierre, Florida Atlantic

Projected Round: 5-6

6’2″/ 185lbs, 4.59 forty, 33.5″ vert, 123″ broad, 7.02 3-cone

37 games, 119 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss, 3 interceptions, 15 passes defended.


Thakarius Keyes, Tulane

Projected Round: 5-6

6’1″/ 200lbs

28 games, 95 tackles, 2 interceptions, 15 passes defended


Patrice Rene, North Carolina

Projected Round: 6-7

6’2″/ 208lbs

26 games, 75 tackles, 2 interceptions, 8 passes defended


Until free agency plays out a little bit, nobody (including the “experts”) has a clue what any team will do in the draft. Well, besides the Bengals with Joe Burrow. Other than that, it’s way too early. What the Bucs do with their 14th pick will likely be determined by what happens over the next month or so. In any case, these are just a few options at each position that the Buccaneers could be considering. We’ll find out their decisions soon enough!

Until then, as always, GO BUCS!!!



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