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Brady to Tampa: Extremely unlikely?

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*Opinion Editorial*

Rumors run rampant:

“Jameis is getting tagged, getting a long term mega-deal, a two-year modest contract, Bucs are letting him walk.”

From one end of the spectrum to the other, and all of it in between, there really has been no limit to the hoopla and frenzy that has been stirring around this offseason. From anywhere and everywhere, you can hear the drumbeat: Brady could be coming to Tampa. He wants to show he can win with a perennial loser, maybe take that team to his seventh ring in their home stadium? Of course, there have been rumors and discussions by fans that have had everyone from Terry Bradshaw, Teddy Bridgewater, Philip Rivers, and Dan Marino coming to Tampa – It’s been almost that bad.

Buccaneers losing reputation:

Maybe none of the rumors can be as far fetched as the one that has Brady hanging out on Dale Mabry this fall. There are many goats in the Tampa area, none quite like that Yankee goat from Paul Revere country, though – Not around these parts – And that isn’t ever going to change, in my opinion. That’s not to say that Tampa, from a personnel standpoint, wouldn’t be enticing to the Michigan Graduate, or any other quarterback. If the Buccaneers were like San Franciso, or Dallas, or the Packers, or possibly even the Steelers and Broncos, they may have had a slim chance. He’s not going to Cleveland, or Tampa, or the Jets, or the Bengals, or Lions. No matter how much talent they may have, at this moment in time, I just don’t see him chancing his legacy, but with a team that has an overall history of winning. I’ve been saying it all off-season, “I don’t think Brady walks away from Billy B and the team he helped put six Lombardi trophies in the case with.

Reports of him staying put:

Within the last ten days, Ian Rapoport tweeted that Brady was involved in the Patriots 2020 plans. That the team was just waiting to see what the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the cap landscape was going to look like. Now that sounds more like it. That is sanity I can invest in. The Patriots aren’t going to allow him to finish His historic career elsewhere!

While anything under the sun is possible and has happened at times, the probability of it happening is a big old: ‘I don’t think so’. If he, against all odds goes anywhere else, it’s going to be most likely a $30 Million a year for two more seasons type of proposition. To stay in New England and finish where it started should be inviting to Brady. He could probably be had somewhat cheaper by the Red, White, and Blue squad as well. So while it’s nice to think about a guy like Brady, who doesn’t make many mistakes taking over for the human turnover, I just don’t think you should get your hopes up. The Buccaneers do have fans that want to re-sign a 30 interception quarterback so, just think about how many fans in New England want to re-sign a six-time Super Bowl Champion Quarterback.

The rumblings must be enormous.

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