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2020 NFL Draft: Should Bucs eye quarterback Andrew Gordon?

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Image Credits: Kyle Terada | USA TODAY Sports

 2020 draft heavy on quarterback talent

It’s well known that the 2020 NFL draft is going to be heavy on quarterback talent, which means there could still be some interesting choices even as late as round 4. With Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times revealing that the Bucs will indeed select a quarterback in April, the possibilities are numerous. Obviously, Burrow, and Tua, and possibly even Herbert would probably be gone already by the time the Bucs pick at 14. All that’s for certain is not much is beyond Burrow. It all comes down to how the Bucs rate the next level of talent at quarterback. Hurts, Eason, and Love, where will the Bucs rank them? Do they consider that second-tier to be much better than the third or just a marginal difference?

Selecting Gordon would allow adding needs in rounds one and two

If they feel that the difference is just marginal, you might see the Bucs hang back on pulling the quarterback trigger until the third round or even the fourth. Playing against lesser competition than what another player went up against doesn’t disqualify that player and make him a fluke due to the conditions under which he played.

Not all Pac 12 quarterbacks are merely system/conference products

There are ways to separate the truly gifted from the product of the systems, etc. like Throwing motion, Timing, Placement, decision making under duress, as well as physical ability while under the same. The quarterback that Gordon took over for after that quarterback was drafted? That would be Gardner Minshew of the Jaguars, who had a very productive and impressive run this past season, supplanting Nick Foles as the starter and probable future in Jacksonville.

School passing records

From high school where he was a no star football recruit to the starter last season for the Cougars, he set school records for yardage (5,579), touchdowns (48), and completions (493). This guy is nobody’s flash in the pan. For most of the season, he ranked first in touchdowns, total yardage, yards per game, and completions with better numbers than Burrow. The last few games, of course, we all know what Burrow accomplished. Still, the season ended with Gordon still number one in yards per game. If you would like to read more on Andrew Gordon you can find it here at Draft Network.com.

Mid round selection is the forecast

Gordon is expected to be a mid-round selection, and there’s no way of knowing where he will be taken. I think teams are more on the hunt for players that slide under the radar after the above-average play of some quarterbacks taken in the mid to late rounds in the last several years. If the Buccaneers do as hoped by many and take a left tackle in the first round and even another offensive lineman or defensive lineman or edge rusher, they may be able to snag Gordon in the third round and be that much further ahead in filling the few positions they have a true need for. Andrew is a true athlete all the way around. He was selected in the MLB draft out of high school, but chose football instead.

He’s going to be a star, why not for the Bucs?

In my opinion, whoever takes Gordon is going to be getting a hell of a quarterback that easily could out-perform some of the bigger name players taken ahead of him. History tells us that the Buccaneers haven’t had a whole lot of luck in drafting quarterbacks. Maybe they should avoid conventional thinking, which has failed them before and take a go at Gordon. Another thing about Gordon is he is an accurate passer, not preceded by a tag of “interception problem” as others the Bucs have selected and are still trying to find an answer for. So if the Bucs find in this year’s draft that they want to try a different strategy than the norm, maybe they should take a long hard look at Andrew Gordon to be this team’s future at quarterback. At the least, he could be a very gifted back up in waiting. Go Bucs!!



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