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Would David Johnson really be a good idea?

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Image Credits: Matt Kartozian | USA TODAY Sports

The window between the conclusion of the Super Bowl and when free-agency begins(March 18th) is too damn long.

The rumors begin to swirl, and Couch GM’s from all over come up with some of the craziest ideas involving their teams and what they’ve done virtually playing Madden with the salary cap off and all trades enabled. Here’s a reason to just stick to the video game, David Johnson is rumored not to be with the Arizona Cardinals next season and it could be via trade with the Bucs. Is that such a good idea? Would he really be a good fit for what the Bucs are trying to accomplish?

Now I will go ahead and agree that he is a player Arians drafted, and he could complement our running game. I’m off my rocker; this guy is an elite back he’s a game-changer. Would you want to pay him $10.2M for a single season of work? 

Why would you part ways with a draft pick and/or player for one season of work? Because that’s what it’s going to take because Arizona may not cut him as the hit is $14.2M and it’d be cheaper to just keep him. With cap money already a major factor when it comes to re-signing our core players such as Winston, Barrett, JPP, Suh, etc. Why would that even sound remotely interesting? 

What if he flakes out? What if he ends up on IR way before the season begins, then what? All those “what if’s” and “why’s” would just frustrate all of us more than we already are. He’s a good running back, but he is not a good fit for this team, especially with what’s needed to obtain his services. My tone would change if and only if we could name our contract terms in a free-agency deal.

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