March 1, 2021

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My Thoughts on Super Bowl 54

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Image Credits: Robert Deutsch | USA TODAY Sport

Last night, America witnessed some great things during the Super Bowl. Yes, we all witnessed Andy Reid lifting the Lombardi Trophy, finally punching his ticket to the fast-food buffet at the White House.

Congratulations, Coach, on finally winning it all after the Bucs beat your Eagles during our run, and then being let down by Donovan & T.O a few years later. I wanted to see John Lynch raise it, but you’re the best coach behind B.A. that deserves to raise the Lombardi as a Head Coach.

Congratulations to the entire Kansas City Chiefs organization and fan base. You guys earned this. As a fan, I’ve been waiting for my team to get back there after 17 years. One day, Tampa will have their second NFL World Championship. Being a previous Kansas resident, I know how much this championship means to the fan base. Congratulations, Chiefs Nation!!!

Next, Congratulations to our very own, Keith “Big Nasty” Kunzig on his induction to the Ford Hall of Fans. I have read so many articles about your moment. As a father who grew up with you, coming to my school as a kid, and a fan of this wonderful team. Thank you for everything you do within the fanbase, but also what you do within the community.

Now, with the Super Bowl being in Tampa next February, can we get more Shakira? Someone tell Jay-Z to make it happen, and it doesn’t even have to be halftime. Tampa’s going to need an after-party after the Bucs win the Lombardi at home as the home team since NFC gets to be the home team for #SB55

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