July 29, 2021

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I’ve found that when I talk to people about the Buccaneers and past players, they are surprised when I mention that Steve Spurrier was the Buccaneers’ first quarterback!

The Bucs got Spurrier in the NFL Expansion Draft in 1976 for two players and a second-round pick. He played for San Francisco from 1967 – 1975 as a quarterback going (13-12-1). While with Tampa Bay, he played in (14) games had (311) passing attempts, (156) completions, with (50.2 %) passing, (1,628) passing yards, (7) touchdowns, and (12) interceptions.

Steve Spurrier and head coach John McKay had differences of opinion on the offense and was let go after the Bucs went (0-14). Spurrier went on to become a legendary head coach in Florida and South Carolina.
Spurrier was also the head coach in the USFL with the Tampa Bay Bandits, which had the nickname of “Bandit Ball” because of the sandlot type plays, which included lots of trick plays.

It’s fun looking back and seeing the history of those who have played for our Bucs. I hope to write more on this topic!
As always, Go Bucs!