April 11, 2021

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Opinion Editorial: Why Philip Rivers Makes Perfect Sense

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Image Credits: Robert Gauthier | Los Angeles Times

Hoping the rumors are not true:

I’m aware that the rumors say Jameis Winston is going nowhere, but let’s pretend that the Bucs were actually paying attention for the last five seasons and realized that in a prove-it year, his biggest problem shot through the roof. Let’s pretend that they are dealing with his actual play on the field and not crossing fingers, hoping that he somehow will stop the problem he has had all his life. Let’s pretend that they send Jameis “Pick-Six” Winston, packing. Arians has only had one season with the guy, and he went from defending him in the first half of the year, to being visibly disgruntled with the man in the second half. I believe Arians just may get it.

This wouldn’t be a bad idea:

So in a perfect world, Winston is sent packing and the Bucs sign Philip Rivers to a two-year deal for far less than they would have had to pay Winston, therefore being able to use that money to keep key players here. Also, the Bucs draft a rookie quarterback. Now what they have is; a very talented quarterback, who is a veteran, and coachable, and a quarterback that isn’t going to throw 30 picks, costing us games. In my opinion, Philip Rivers had a down year this past season, but with our tight ends and receivers, he is sure to rebound. We know full well he can hit his tight ends if asked to do it. (see: Antonio Gates). Rivers can help a rookie quarterback transition, as well as Arians, while the rookie learns for two years before taking over when Rivers’ contract runs out.

The odds say he isn’t changing:

We shouldn’t need an awesome defense to bail out our quarterback weekly – working them to death because he can’t hit his receivers, and turns it over to the other team’s defense 2-5 times in almost any game he plays. I know that this scenario is not what a lot of fans want to happen. Put into its simplest terms, the fans that want Winston to stay are betting on a long shot. They believe that somehow Winston will be able to change the way he has played for years. But in the one year that it was supposed to be imperative that he cut down on his interceptions, he throws more than he ever had. Those hopeful don’t see the obvious; it is a huge risk to re-sign this man. The odds say he isn’t changing. What you see is what you get.

Cut the interceptions to half this year’s total:

Above all other players, the place where the most trust is needed is at the quarterback position. It’s elementary: simple stuff to understand. You never know which Jameis is going to show up from game to game or moment to moment. That fact overwhelms any good that he can do and it makes any good that he has done a moot point. Nothing is impossible, though. He could, against all odds, maybe with an upgraded offensive line and an actual commitment to giving Jones more carries each week, could cut down on the high number that he throws. But, nothing could convince me that he could ever make them a non-issue. Turnovers will always be a problem for him. He’s got to cut the pick-sixes out for sure. If he could cut this year’s numbers in half to 10-15 picks a season, and with our defense, we could be successful. I hope that is what happens, if as expected, he is re-signed. I have no ill will towards the man. It would be fine with me if he got a hold of the problem and became a top 3 quarterback. But for me, the odds say no.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, there you go, that about says it all. Go Bucs!!

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