March 1, 2021

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Fan Feature: 2020 Is The Year Of Chemistry?

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The 2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended the season with a losing record, and we all know that, but the one thing that no analyst or critics are talking about is the chemistry that the team ended the season with.

The Buccaneers defense was firing on all cylinders, which is something we haven’t seen for over a decade and the offense played the last three games of the season with the next man up mentality, due to a bunch of injuries to star players. Let’s also not forget to mention that we had a quarterback playing with a broken thumb and a meniscus tear, who only missed one series all season long. Yeah, we’ve all heard about the “Jaboo: 30 for 30 club”, but no one is talking about how much trust his teammates have for him or their willingness to go to war every week with him.

There was also a much-improved defense in 2019, that was virtually dead last in everything in 2018, one that couldn’t cover a bed if they were a blanket, but with a new attitude, a few tweaks and trimming of dead weight, the defense chemistry the team showed was something we all were hoping for when the Bucs hired Todd Bowles.

With the 2020 offseason up and swinging let’s try to keep the guys we have, instead of selling the chemistry the team is building let’s build on it with the foundation, we already have, and add the pieces we know we need and let’s get back to where we need to be: The postseason.

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