July 25, 2021

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JameisWinston: Young and flawed!

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Photo By: Dale Zanine | USA TODAY Sports

I’m getting sick of the word “Hater.”

*Opinion Editorial*

Just because I may have a different opinion on a topic, it doesn’t make me hate anyone! Take the topic of Jameis Winston for example. Some people like him and some people don’t, this is a reality in life, but what really drives me nuts is that people who don’t like him blatantly ignore all the good he has done!

The guy is only 25 years old, he was thrown into a man’s game while he was still a “young man” fresh out of college, and is still in a learning and growing period, not just in football, but in REAL LIFE!

“But he throws interceptions!” Yes, and at work, I make mistakes and scrap parts and need to write my scrap numbers down at the end of the day!

Everyone in life goes through learning or growing pains, so according to those that don’t like Winston, what we are supposed to is ignore the NFL and TEAM records he’s setting because he threw some interceptions?

He’s young, and this society, especially those fans who have grown up getting things fast, getting it their way, etc, need to learn some patience in life, not just in football!

As I read through comment after comment about how he sucks, etc, I’m reminded of my 54 years on this earth and find it very humorous when someone young says that someone else who’s young sucks; be it football, driving, making choices, whatever. It’s said that the decision making part of the brain doesn’t fully mature until around the age of 21 years old, so are we surprised that a young Jameis Winston fails in a league that used to mentor its young players, but now thrusts them into the fire, and when they fail, we’re to toss them aside?

I just wrote this article so fans on both sides would just look into their own lives before bashing others or praising them above what they deserve. Life, itself, is full of highs and lows, and usually, the lows in this life show our real character!

As always, Go Bucs!

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