May 18, 2021

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Do or Do Not. There is No Try

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Master Yoda | Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC | Edited by Jay Bucs | Bucs Life News LLC

Home for the holidays

With the playoffs out of the picture. The 2019 Buccaneers have a chance to accomplish something that only one Bucs squad before them has ever done. Win six games in a row. Only the 1999 squad, lead by Sapp and Brooks, has won six games in a row. They finished 11-5 that year. Even during the 12-4 Super Bowl season, the team could only string together 5 in a row, which had been accomplished a few times. The streak of six just the once is, of course, not easy for any team to do.

Jedi Master Speak

Winning today over the Texans would be a big step in reaching #6 next week. Hitting that milestone would truly be something players and fans alike can be proud of. It would be a sure sign that this team will be an absolute FORCE to be reckoned with next year. It would imply that the playoffs next year can actually be expected. Outright division or wild-card, “Matters Not.” Because “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Like the Colts. Another team predicted to be better than the Bucs

The Bucs have their hands full with another team that was expected to make the playoffs this year. Another team like the Colts, that was and should still be considered better than we are. This is a team that should beat our Bucs. Thing is, we are just going to have to introduce them to our reborn Defense. Let ’em shake the hand of the man that is Jameis Winston. The one that’s leading this furious, footballs to the wall run at six straight. There are still many weapons at his disposal, and I know JW will find them in stride. In my opinion, this is a good time to get the running game back up, and well, running. We need to run the ball well in these last two games. Give the backs some confidence as well, going into next season. To win six, you have to win five. Bring on the Texans!! Go Bucs!!

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