May 9, 2021

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Quarterback Jameis Winston: Time for Some Reassessing

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Those that read my articles, or spend time on Bucs Social Media sites that I use know that I have been for replacing Jameis Winston. My reasons for this are that anyone that throws that many interceptions and has the chance of having single games with 4 to 5 picks cannot and should not be trusted. Especially in very big games. There’s just no telling when he will meltdown.

Becoming a Beast

Then there is the other side to Mr. Winston. The one that has always shown flashes of greatness and the other that has shown that he is one of the most resilient quarterbacks ever. It appears his greatness is no longer in flashes, but more like in streams now. Great most of the time, but every so often will lose signal and spin. It’s hard to say anymore that the meltdowns are too numerous. So far this season, he has had just two games with four or more interceptions. The “Torture at Tottenham” against the Panthers, and the second Saints game. Since that second Saints loss, Jameis hasn’t had a game where he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns.

Iron Horse

I still believe that he’s going to meltdown in an important game, a really big game, sometime in the future. But when he can play this well and is so resilient when he does throw picks, I’m officially taking away my objection to re-signing Jameis Winston.

Offensive Line must be upgraded a bunch

I think it would be a good move to maybe draft a Quarterback that might slip to the 2-4 rounds if there is one. Maybe take a chance on a strong-armed rifleman from a Pac-10 school or somewhere the quarterbacks are undervalued because the whole conference drops back almost every play. Never have really understood that all that well because some great players have come out of there. Slam the O-Line with Big, quick pass blockers that are also very adept at run blocking, in the first 3 out of 4 picks. We already have most of the other pieces in place now, it’s time to give some love to the Offensive line. They have virtually ignored the positions, and haven’t taken a Big strong Tackle in the first round, in many years. If we want our skill players to be successful, we must have talent on the line that is comparable. Only then will we be able to dominate teams. Think about how good Tampa could be if we had a line that could dictate the line of scrimmage over half the time. The best teams usually can do that. Dictate with the run, like we do the pass, and with the defense coming up, we will be a top 5 team no doubt.

Wrapping up

The ability to change one’s mind when the situation changes and to admit when you realize your stance has all of a sudden become not in line with what’s now happening is important along the lines of credibility. I’ve never much believed in going down with the ship to save one’s self from admitting when my stance was wrong or that it has changed because the variables have changed. Bottom line, I still think he’s going to throw a lot of picks, I just hope that he and the defense can save us in those games. It won’t stop me from holding my breath and slightly wincing whenever he slings it, that just falls under the “it is what it is” thing. Here’s to Winston’s continued improvement, Go Bucs!!

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