September 24, 2022

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A victory over the Colts is a must!

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Photo by: Cliff Welch/ Cliff Welch Photography/ Pewter Report

Two teams with different expectations

Before the season began, and after Andrew Luck folded up like a delicate flower. The Colts were predicted to fight it out with Houston for the division crown. The Colts, after making the playoffs in Frank Reich’s first season, going 10-6, were expected to again make the playoffs in 2019. Off-season additions were thought to only make them better. Fast Forward to now, and the Colts sit at 6-6, good for third place behind Houston and the surprising Tannehill led Titans, sit at 9th seed like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Colts playing below expectations

Make no mistake about it, the Colts are a playoff-caliber team in talent, whether they get in this year or not. At the start of next year’s season, they will again be favored to get into the playoffs. I’ll put this as nicely as I can. The Bucs are not a team expected to make the playoffs by the rest of the world, this year or next year. The Colts are viewed as further down the road to success than we are. Even with a Backup thrust into the starter’s role.

Playing better and turning a corner?

For the Bucs, save the first two wins this year, the last three have been over teams we should have beaten. A win, especially a convincing one, would be special, in my opinion. It would further the feeling that we are turning a corner and that we are actually getting better and beginning to gel under Arians and Bowles. Another strong defensive game as well as Jameis not turning it over and the run game being a factor would be huge. It would be hard to argue that this team hasn’t made big strides towards becoming a winning team with playoff implications next year. Wouldn’t that be a nice thought when you are driving past the stadium? It would be nice for the stadium to not be a constant reminder of failure when driving down Dale Mabry on a Humpday. It’s been a handful of years since those feelings were anywhere near the city by the Bay. Go Bucs!! Beat the Colts!!