March 1, 2021

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Stopping Julio Jones, or Just Slowing Him Down?

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Jones always a force against the Bucs.

Let’s face it, Julio Jones is one of those forces you have to put your biggest, and best, cover guy on. Then you have to ask for help from the man above. If you’re lucky, you slow him down a bit and maybe can just get in his way the best you can. If you can do even that much in coverage, you probably have done the best you possibly could. Case in point, in six games since 2016, Jones has reeled in 46 receptions for 766 yards and five scores. In just the last two games that Jones has played against the Bucs at home, he has recorded 22 receptions for almost 400 yards (397).

Needing to stop him is not the same as doing it.

The Bucs have always known that Jones is always the man you have to stop. But, you can see statistically how that’s gone for the Bucs defense. Matt Ryan has also had much success against Tampa. He has tossed 13 touchdowns and only one interception. Put all of that together with the fact that the Bucs haven’t held anyone under 27 pts since the first Carolina game on September 12th, and the result is startling.

Ridley a more than capable #2.

The Falcon’s defense isn’t much better, if even at all. The results of this contest should be very high in the score. If Jones is somehow covered, his fellow Bama Alumni, Calvin Ridley, is an outstanding second option. The two worked well together in Atlanta’s last couple of games, both resulting in wins. Truly, the key to limiting Jones output would be a steady mix of JPP, and Shaq Barrett all over Matt Ryan. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Jameis is expecting, at least, 80 family members/friends at the Falcons Nest, Sunday. Maybe, he can keep the turnovers modest, if not eliminating them altogether. Go, Winston!! Go Bucs!!


Source: Tampa Bay Times


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