September 17, 2021

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Photo By: Trevor Ruszkowski | USA TODAY Sports

A lot of fans probably don’t think about high paid athletes as human beings. The thought process is that since so and so gets paid millions of dollars, “how dare he make bad plays?” I’m pretty sure that in the NFL, the pressure to perform is unbelievably tough!

Bruce Arians said that he didn’t use to put too much into Sports Psychology, but now he is beginning to. “I never believed in sports psychology before, but I’m starting to think that something is missing when you have the talent, and it doesn’t show up on Sunday, or it’s a focus issue.”

I believe that in history, there are very few elite specimens that capture our imaginations like; Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and many more. There are a lot of “very good” professional players, but people usually say that a very good player isn’t very good because he isn’t elite. Most don’t realize that even the worst player in the pros is actually good.

Think about whatever job it is that you do for a living. Do you ever have a bad day? What if the media covered you as they do Jameis Winston? Would the “fans” of your job be calling for your job to be taken away from you?

There is a lot that goes into the minds of players, and a lot is expected of them, more than we could ever imagine!

I’m not happy with the way the season has gone this year, but I’m hopeful for the future of our Buccaneers organization! Let’s hope that this painful season is just a stepping stone for a Super Bowl in the near future!

As always, Go Bucs!