September 26, 2021

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Bruce Arians Ranked 31st for Week 11, But is That Fair?

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Photo by: Cliff Welch | PewterReport

Trust the Process! No risk it No Biscuit!

I, too, was more than excited when I first heard the news that Bruce Arians was going to be our head coach as were many fans! But many fans fell victim to the “Arians took a 5-11 team and turned them into a 10-6 team”. Yes, he did take Wisenhunts’ team and turn them into winners, but no way was that going to happen in Tampa. We had way too many problems. I have always said we could go 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7, and as long as there are games on left on the schedule, any of those are records are up for grabs. However, we do not look like any of those records, do we? We look more like a 4-12 team, maybe a 5-11 again, or even improve from last year to 6-10. But I believe we are far better than that.

According to EdjSports, Bruce Arians is ranked as the 31st HC in the NFL for week 11.

I have never heard of this company before, but I read the Tampa Bay Times, and they recently published an article the other day talking about this company’s ranking, so I went and checked them out. They have a snazzy website. I like it.

Here are the EdjSports HC Rankings for week 11: