September 17, 2021

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The Game is Slowing Down For White

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Photo By: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Adjustment and acclimation from the college game to the NFL are different for every player. Some players come out the gate hot and seem to never slow down until they retire while others take a season, or three, to feel comfortable and to be able to react instinctively to what’s happening on the field, thereby slowing down the game. In other words, when you know what you’re doing within the scheme and what those around you are doing, things just come more naturally and unforced. All players also have a game that they feel signals their arrival to the League’s group of Elite players. If they are elite.

Arrival Game?

Usually, but not always, those games are big play, flashy, the kind that makes Sports Center highlights. White has had a couple of those in the last few games. Sunday at home against the Saints, there were not scenes of Devin White stepping in front of a Drew Brees bullet across the middle, streaking down the field for a pick-six, and a “The Git Up” line dance celebration. There was though, a very thick Rib Eye and potatoes, Blue Collar Lunch Pail, taking care of business, 13 tackles (11 solo) workday. That total was twice as much as the next Bucs Defender in the tackles, box score. In addition, the thirteen tackles “were fifth-most for a Bucs rookie all-time.” – Per WFLA Channel 8 sports Sunday broadcast.

Late start likely dooms postseason hardware

Watching how Devin has played in the last handful of games, it makes me contemplate the “what ifs”. What if White hadn’t been dinged up in the first few games? Maybe nothing would be different, maybe much would. He needed his first few games on the field to get to where he is now and will be later. So it probably wouldn’t have mattered. Still, it does make one wonder if the extra time could have put him in the running for D.R.O.Y. I guess as far as postseason awards go, he will have to zero in on Defensive MVP next year. I have no doubt that he will be in the running for that for many years to come, barring injury. It’s good to see a first-round draft pick working out. That’s always a plus ’round these parts. Go Bucs!!