July 1, 2022

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The Theory of Failure!

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Image by: Mary Holt | Pewter Report

I thought long and hard about this.

At the time of writing this; I have watched the game film so many times, I’ll probably have nightmares about a WR going into motion and running me down.

After watching so many times, I’m severely conflicted about this team. The defense played well enough to keep the offense in the game; exactly what fans have been asking for, the offensive line had a much-improved performance than previous games, including the snafu by Ryan Jensen. I can take that though as I’ve seen it happen many times a season to lots of different QBs around the league. Sometimes communication issues happen. That error lead to the Titans starting their drive practically in the end zone, and of course, lead to points. You cannot blame the defense for that.

You can make a convincing argument that the throws, which I know personally many fans called before they happened, weren’t the fault of Jameis but of someone or anyone else.

The comedy of errors that will be an NFL meme for years saw Brashad Perriman and Dare Ogunbawale collide in the Buccaneers backfield was embarrassing, but sometimes these miscues happen.

The fact that some play calls can be put down to Byron Leftwich being relatively inexperienced as an offensive coordinator.

My biggest question?

When as a team and fan base did accepting excuses and mediocrity become accepted?

But, how many teams around the league would accept the performance put on by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

This seems to be a learning season for everyone associated with the Bucs, and it’s a steep learning curve. Outwardly there doesn’t seem to be accountability. The NFL is a result-based industry, and right now, the Buccaneers are not achieving results. This has been the story for a decade now!

The players have changed, outside of Demar Dotson, although blaming everything on the veteran RT is a little bit of a stretch. The coaches have changed often. New coaches have brought new philosophies. Poor season after poor season has granted the Buccaneers high draft picks every year for the past 10 years.

Players have changed, coaches have changed, but results have stayed the same. By accepting the excuses that are made, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are doomed to repeat the cycle of failure.