October 23, 2021

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Dalvin Cook Leads the NFL in Rushing

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Photo By: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Being a huge fan of College Football (UF), and living in the state of Florida, I was actually a fan of Dalvin Cook (FSU), and his skill set as an electrifying, dual-threat tailback. I hated that my Gators had to play this kid every December until he bolted to the NFL. I’ve been drafting him since he hit the NFL in 2017 onto my Fantasy Football Teams. Only to be shown flashes of greatness before an injury would take him down in both his first two years. So it’s with crossed fingers and toes, and a Hail Mary, while knocking on wood, that I dare to continue on with this article.

After 8 healthy games, Dalvin has surpassed the century mark in rushing, in 5 of those games. He’s averaged a hefty 102.9 yards a game with 5.3 yards per carry, for a total of 823 yards on the season at the halfway point. Those numbers are good for the NFL lead, and they put him 108 yards in front of runner up Leonard Fournette. Also, give credit to Cook for 9 rushing touchdowns along the way. Dalvin Cook has hauled in 29 receptions for 293 yards at a 10.1 average per reception, for a grand total of 1,116 all-purpose yards. In comparison, Christian McCaffrey has 923 all-purpose yards with a per rush average of 4.9, 88.2 yards per game average, and a per reception average of 8.7 yards. So you can see that Cook is doing a little something this year.

I’ve always been of the opinion that if he could just stay healthy for 16 games, he could take over most of the important running back stats. McCaffrey is his biggest competition, and those two will be battling it out till the end if an injury doesn’t ruin it.

Dalvin Cook is one of those special players, like a Christian McCaffrey, or an Alvin Kamara, a player that can hurt you from anywhere on the field by running or receiving. He is blessed with break one to the house speed, and soft hands in the receiving game make him a nightmare for even the best of defenses to shut down. In my opinion, health is the only thing that could stop him from ascending to the season rushing throne this year. So, keep an eye on his exploits this year if you’re a football in general fan after your first love of the Bucs. He’s impressive and still getting better.