July 1, 2022

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The Future at QB is Not Set in Stone.

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Image Credit: Kim Klement | USA TODAY Sports

2019 is more than just the beginning of change for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When Bruce Arians was brought in to be the head coach, he filled his plate when he decided to come here to help evaluate Jameis Winston in what’s known as a “make it or break it” year. If they decide to continue the Winston experiment, there’s going to be some things that BA is going to need to see. Arians understands that some QB’s have had multiple coaches, and to an extent, can be an issue. But with Winston, he is not going to allow that to be used as an excuse.

“A lot of times, that is the case, too many systems. This one Jameis has only been in two, so you can’t use that as an excuse. For me, it’s just, let’s play it all out. Let’s see, can we correct mistakes, can we get better, can we play like we did in Los Angeles six weeks in a row, or in Carolina, and not have that game like we had the other day? Again, that’s a lot of guys around him. That’s part of the part about being disappointed, and sometimes, the guys around him are making mistakes that are affecting him.”

I feel this answers all the questions on Jameis’s future for the 2019 season. Jameis has been widely inconsistent this season with his play. At this moment, Winston has 1771 yards with 12 touchdowns and 10 interceptions (11 total turnovers). 6 of his turnovers came against Carolina in the team’s loss in London. As many Bucs fans can admit, Winston has been a turnover machine since he entered the league in 2015 with 87 total turnovers (68 INTs and 19 fumbles lost). To me, that should be enough to tell me that he will not change his play in the future.

When Arians was asked about how honest, he will be when deciding on the future, Arians promised he wouldn’t hold back

“I will not lie; that’s for sure. They’ll get my honest evaluation. That’s who I am, so I don’t think they have to worry about that.”

Sunday’s opponent the Titans, are on the same island when it comes to their QB, the #2 selection behind Winston, Marcus MariotaIf there is a time to turn things around for hopes of a contract, much less franchise tag, this game would be it. Otherwise, it may be time for Bruce Arians and Jason Licht to start preparing for a possible replacement. So much of the future for the franchise sits on the evaluation and decision about Winston.