July 1, 2022

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Realistically Speaking, and Expectations Moving Forward

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Team reality vs expectations

One thing that I’ve learned about football teams and expectations is that very rarely are the two the same. It is especially true of us diehard Bucs fans. Maybe no other team’s fans annually expect so much and get so very little. Maybe nowhere else in an NFL City is so much talent present for such little return on an owner’s money. There is enough talent here in Tampa for this team to easily be 4-2. There is apparently just enough talent on this team to be 2-4 as well. I say that because a whole lot of what is afflicting this team isn’t physical, it’s mental. I said in other articles that the Bucs didn’t know how to win, at least consistently, and that hasn’t changed. They are learning, but it didn’t happen overnight under Dungy, and it won’t now under Arians. Yes, he turned around a Cardinals’ team in one year, but that was a different team, a different makeup, and different minds. You cannot compare the two.

Do Bucs Fans have a right to impatience?

One thing that most Bucs fans are absolutely not is patient. Most feel that with all the seasons and dedication they have afforded this band of Pirates that they are within their rights to expect success as of yesterday. You look up longsuffering in the dictionary, and there is a picture of a guy in a Winston Jersey stretched out on a Medieval rack slowly being pulled apart. All the “rights to” in the world won’t change a single thing in the realm of reality, and sanity (or insanity, however you choose to view it). We are going to see glimpses from time to time of what they can be. All those seem to do is piss everyone off even more because, well, you know, it all goes back to that pesky patience thing. We want the first Carolina and the Rams games to be what we see every week. They just are not that team every week yet, and I’m not sure they are even fairly close, but it’s slowly happening.


As bad as the Bucs have been for the last few years, somewhere in all our minds should be the ability to understand that we just aren’t going to turn all that around in one season, or one draft, much less in 6 games. Arians is a Whisperer, not a Wizard, or a Warlock, no wand to wave, or words to chant to get instant results. Everywhere you look on social media, you see Hargreaves is trash, but that’s too strong of a word for me. I will only say this, about that: Vernon Hargreaves may not be all of that and a bag of chips, but when the entire defense is playing great football, winning their battles, and when there is consistent pressure on the quarterbacks, you will see all of our DBs looking better. They will be making more plays and defensively scoring at a much better rate. You have heard, “success breeds” or “begets success” that’s what I’m talking about. Maybe the CB1 is beyond his ability, but I don’t think that makes him trash. He has an ability for big plays, so you must factor that in. BTW, Davis still doesn’t have an INT.

Earth-Wind And Fire

It comes down to this: The journey back to being playoff contenders didn’t end when Arians and Bowles were given offices at One Buc. It didn’t end after this year’s draft, or when we beat the Rams. Unfortunately, this journey is still in its infancy, and the baby isn’t even on solid food yet. But it’s on its way. You don’t have to take my advice because that and fifty cents won’t even get you a hot cup of coffee anymore. Put yourself on cruise control, drop-in some Earth Wind and Fire, and ease the seat back a bit. Put your sunglasses on and just ride out down the highway. Expect losses, but heavily celebrate wins. You have to give the team and the coaches space and time to do what is needed during the season and in the draft, to right this listing ship. You basically have to believe that the right infrastructure/coaching is in place this time. The overall mood when Arians was announced as the new head coach of the Buccaneers was upbeat. There was true hope and anticipation of great things to come. Folks, nothing has changed. Give them some time. Tampa wasn’t built in a day.

Labeled a bust already?

Devin White has barely played in the regular season and already on social media, and everywhere else applicable, fans have decided Devin White is a bust. Just because he hasn’t been a standout in the first few games of his career does not in the slightest bit lend itself to him being a bust. Players acclimate to the NFL at different paces and rates, including supposed saviors or Brooks 2.0 candidates, and even the RoJos of the game. Jones was “straight trash” and ” a bust” a “horrible pick by Licht” just last year. But this year, he’s proven he’s none of those things. Let’s just support our players and let time do its thing; it has its way of weeding out the chaff and revealing the true value of a player and a team as well. Go Bucs!!