October 23, 2021

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Throw it Away…

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[Image Credit: Cliff Welch/ Pewter Report]

Coach Bruce Arians is just a little frustrated as us Bucs fans are.

With a record of (2-4) and seemingly no turn around in sight, frustrations abound.

I am a Jameis Winston supporter, and yet, I’m not really on his side right now!

In an earlier article, I said it was a good thing to encourage Jameis to be a gunslinger, but remember when Coach said for him to sling it and to also KNOW why he’s throwing it, not just throw it?

If the play is a bust, throw it away! We cannot win games when we have multiple turnovers!

I also said that fans should trust the process, and I still believe it! This year is a building season.

What I’ve seen on social media from so-called Bucs fans is absolutely embarrassing! A bunch of cry babies that grew up on instant mashed potatoes and instant coffee.

Things take time, progress takes time, your life, and mine take time! Too many of you want “Instant Bucs” just add water and BOOM! Super Bowl Champions.

Jameis needs to mature and learn, but the entire team needs to do the same!

I’m still on board the Ship! It’s frustrating for sure, but let’s keep the posts civilized and mature!

Ugh! (2-4) is difficult, but I will remain a fan forever!
GO BUCS!!!!!!!!