July 7, 2022

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Refs Fumble Call!

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Point of emphasis for the referees in the NFL? They call ticky-tack penalties for grazing the quarterback and a slew of other sissy calls.

After blowing plays dead too early, the NFL Began holding off on doing it too early except on what should have been the potential game-winning touchdown on a Buccaneers fumble return!

This stuff needs to be punishable!

Some may say that punishment isn’t helpful because we can’t get that playback, but I say if the refs are held accountable, they will be more likely to hold off on doing the quick whistle!

We definitely could have won the game with that single play!

That point doesn’t mean that that one play cost us the win.

Every game this year has been turnover and penalty ridden! You cannot win consistently with the offense turning the ball over!

The refs really need to hold off on blowing the whistle on plays, especially potential scoring plays!

More consistency in calls. This year the refs have been the worst I’ve seen throughout the entire league, not just against our Bucs.

As far as winning and losing goes, we should never put ourselves in the position where the game depends upon one play or call.

As always, Go Bucs!