July 1, 2022

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Bucs Release WR and LB

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After failing to state his case through 6 games (also known as about Damn time) Bobo Wilson has been cut from the team.
After contributing just 2.8 yards per attempt on 15 punt returns, head coach Bruce Arians has had enough. I promise he isn’t the only one!
Wilson is blessed with the one skill that cannot be coached into someone, natural speed. He has the physical ability to break to the end zone every time the ball is in his hands. The one glaring problem? He has not translated that potential into production.

I know people will read this and think I’m being critical; sadly, though, football is a result-based business, and even Bruce Arians himself has been quoted saying that the team hasn’t had an acceptable performance from Wilson.

Many among the coaches and fans were hoping that Bobo Wilson would even push the receivers and improve competition toward the bottom of that depth chart. Again this hasn’t been the case with Wilson, catching 3 passes of 9 targets for 35 yards.

Overall bad production has lead to the release of Bobo and the thing that clinched this would be the two muffed punts against the Panthers. The bye week is a chance for coaches to look over the roster and assess performance.

Bobo Wilson was found wanting.

Also being shown the door was Devante Bond, the third-year linebacker had impressed coaches in the preseason enough to offer him a chance in place of Noah Spence.

Bond appeared in all 6 games this year but was frequently ineffective and combined for just 1 tackle per game. If Arians is serious about turning this team around, it starts with replacing the fringe players and looking to improve the depth in the roster.

Both Bond and Wilson were given chances they were unable to take. Those chances will now be given to new players, who hopefully grasp the opportunity.