December 7, 2023

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Howard on the Move?

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The NFL trade deadline is approaching, and it’s the time of year, rumours and turkeys are fattened up. Many rumours are just that; players are talked about, and people run with the story. In today’s modern connected world, with social media following everything and everyone, it becomes easy for these rumours to spread.

Absolutely such and such a player might be a great fit for this or that team. They might even be interested. So much goes into trading a player that it isn’t always simple. Some teams might balk at the price, and some teams might be happy to mortgage their future; I’m looking at you LA Rams!

Most often these rumours die down, and the wheat is sorted from the chaff in this harvest season. Very often, teams move to dispel attachment to players.

But one rumour that is being constantly circulated is that teams HAVE expressed an interest in Buccaneers TE OJ Howard.

Howard is undoubtedly a future star in the league, and the Bucs would ideally like to keep hold of their young talent. What is absolutely tempting Jason Licht and very possibly Bruce Arians is that the price being offered is a first-round draft pick!

If Arians and Licht are serious about fixing issues and “reloading the roster”, then these are premium picks. One that will be hard to turn down.

The reality is that while OJ Howard is a star, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have 4 talented players in that position. Cam Brate has long been a favourite red-zone target and is signed to a long term deal. Rookie Tanner Hudson is impressing coaches each week after becoming a fan favourite during the preseason. Howard is an expendable asset, so a trade could be likely.

Any potential suitor for Howard will have to convince the player that he can be offered something better elsewhere, and they have to convince the team to allow Howard to leave. This should put the Buccaneers in the driving seat for any potential negotiation as Tampa Bay doesn’t have to trade Howard or anyone. Howard is well-liked at the facility and by fans, also he hasn’t demanded a trade.

It’s up to those teams to make it worthwhile for the Buccaneers.

What price would be acceptable for fans to part ways with Howard?

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