July 1, 2022

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Arians handed out game balls for win in Carolina.

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Victory #1 and counting

Still feeling good from Last Thursday’s upset of Carolina in their house. Players stepped it up in that game. Some came in for injured starters and played lights out. Some earned one for just playing their starting role and dominating. You have heard “it takes a village to raise a child”, well it takes a village to stop a McCaffrey; a village full of Buccaneers.

Tightening the Screws

In Carolina’s first game, McCaffrey played like Superman in the losing effort, piling up stats. He rushed 19 times for 128 yards, almost a 7 yard average per rush. He caught 10 of 11 balls thrown his way for 81 yards and had two touchdowns on the day. If he had had even close to these numbers in the Bucs game, there wouldn’t have been an upset. Early on in the game, they were feeding it to him, looking for more of the same against us, as he did against the Rams. The Bucs D, tightened the screws on the well-oiled machine, and shut that boy down, then set their sights on Cam Newton with similar results.

Maybe it was a must-win for us

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman called this a must-win game for Cam, Christian, and the rest of the Panthers. Starting out 0-2 was just unacceptable. It never occurred to them that maybe 0-2 was unacceptable to the Bucs as well, apparently more so. To Honor the players that really stepped it up, Bruce Arians handed out game balls and had this to say about doing so.

 “Obviously, watching the film, I was very pleased with how hard we played. There’s this old saying that whoever plays harder the longest will win games – I think that was true in that one. Was it perfect? By no means, but we made enough plays to win the ball game. Game balls – Chris Godwin got one. Obviously, you saw his stats, but he blocked as good as any wide receiver I’ve ever seen in a game, blocking linebackers, defensive ends, safeties – he was a huge part of our running game. Peyton Barber, who I thought ran extremely well. He had the hot hand, we stuck with him and RoJo (Ronald Jones II) stung his toe on that really good run he had, but it was Peyton’s night. Vernon [Hargreaves III] for the game-saving tackle after I screwed up the double timeouts. Kevin Minter got two of them for stepping in and playing really, really well at middle linebacker, running the defense, and one on special teams. Again, I’m really proud of our guys.”

Bucs Fans also proud of our guys

The Offense did their part as well in this one, Chris Godwin is turning into an all-around Beast before our eyes every week. The game balls were well deserved on both sides of the pigskin. Myself, as well as all of you, will be expecting the continued development of this team, and many more game balls to be earned each week. Let’s keep surprising the odds-makers, and prognosticators who will keep picking our opponents over us. What do they know anyway? Go Bucs!!