July 1, 2022

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Bowles turns attention to the Giants

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I don’t want to sound like I’ve got Napoleon Syndrome after just one win (the belief you can whoop anyone and rule the world). I won’t deny that a win, especially over a team you are supposed to lose to in their house, does lend itself to some chest-beating, and to a small degree, feelings of superiority. That feeling is boosted even further when you have 8-9 days to prepare for a team that nobody is really scared of, the New York Football Giants. It’s no secret that Eli is not the same Manning he was when he was collecting rings. It’s not like that if he was still playing at that higher level it would do him any good because the Giants probably have the worst receiving corpse if the NFL. Sterling Shepard, who was out this past week injured, and may not play this week either due to concussion protocols, is their best guy. (Golden Tate is suspended 4 games).

Saquon Barkley is really the one true weapon they possess. If they can slow him down even close to the way they shut down Christian McCaffrey, the offense could run away with this one. If there is one thing that is becoming clearer as the season progresses, it’s that it seems like every defensive player on this team plays better in Bowles 3-4 aggressive scheme and says so when interviewed. It’s probably saved Vernon Hargeaves’ career, by getting him back into a system he has always played well in. Just ask Shaq Barrett what he thinks of Bowles 3-4 aggressive attacking D, and you’ll probably see nothing but teeth.

There are going to be more than a handful of players if they remain in good health, that are going to have career years in Bowles scheme. So as his Defense turns their eye towards the Giants in prep for Sunday’s showdown, it’s exciting to think about who will be in the limelight this week. Go Bucs!!