July 1, 2022

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Evans’ Milestone in Trouble?

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911 yards! That’s all that separates Mike Evans from becoming even greater.

Since entering the NFL, Buccaneers wideout Mike Evans has recorded 5 consecutive seasons of 1000 yards receiving. Becoming the youngest player to achieve that feat.

Over the first 2 games, Evans has been battling illness and has clearly been suffering. Held to just 89 yards over his first two games, Winston’s favoured target needs to average 65 yards per game to reach 1000 yards on this season.

Achieving that milestone will put the Tampa Bay receiver in lofty company, joining Randy Moss as the only player to reach 1000 yards in his first 6 seasons.

But how possible is that?

65 yards per game doesn’t seem like a huge number. Not exactly impossible for a player that Bucs fans have learned to expect the spectacular from. The former Aggie has established himself as one of the best receivers in the NFL despite the lack of respect from analysts.
What stands in the way of this target is Evans’ own ability. NFL players and coordinators aren’t like analysts and talking heads, they actually watch tape and respect a player’s ability, regardless of the team they play for.

Over the first 2 games, Mike Evans has seen a lot of attention paid his way and this has lead to reduced opportunities for catches and yards. Whilst this is a great thing for the Buccaneers offense and the other guys, Godwin and Brate are definitely profiting from favourable matchups and more targets, it does put Evans personal target in jeopardy.

Evans is and always has been a team-first guy so he will be happy with the extra coverage is allowing his teammates to benefit more than personal glory.

Personally, I feel that Mike Evans will reach 1000 yards on the season.

The Bucs have multiple threats at wide receiver and teams will adjust to this. With the progression of the running game only so many guys can cover. This will lead to better matchups for Evans and more yards. Mike Evans isn’t a product of a system and it’s impossible to keep truly elite players out of games for too long.