December 6, 2023

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Win-Ston and the “D”

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Thursday night’s game, in the minds of a lot of “Bucs” fans, was pivotal. Winning it 20-14 is a great feeling!

Maybe now that we’ve won, Winston’s critics will back off just a little? It is, however, a team sport and as in a loss, with a victory, it isn’t just one play or the player who wins the game!

No one thinks about a receiver who ran the wrong route on a timing pass, a lineman who gets in the way of the receiver, etc.

There is a multitude of things that occur in a game. No one play decides an entire game, it’s just that all of the attention is upon the “key” plays, especially near the end of a game if it’s tight!

There were still stupid penalties, but they were fewer, there were dumb plays, but they were fewer.

Barber ran very hard on Thursday! As B.A. said in his brief press conference after the game that the running game set the play action and led to the Godwin touch down.

Jameis was sharper, but still needs to grow and as I’ve tried to convince the “haters” he technically is still young!

Gay missed a field goal and we just can’t afford that! He makes the one he missed and we wouldn’t have needed a close finish.

Calling two-time outs in a row? This shocked me since the coach is very intelligent.

Lots to learn and grow, but overall, we took a step forward!
Bring on the Giants and Go Bucs!