December 6, 2023

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Did you hear the one about the kicker….

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[Image Credit: AP Photo/Jason Behnken]

I was so angry at that missed kick that I yelled at the top of my lungs and punched our kitchen table, slightly bruising my right hand.

If you ask me if I feel bad for Matt Gay, the answer is a BIG FAT NOPE!

I usually have patience and sympathy towards players who struggle and often defend them, but I can’t with Buccaneers kickers any more! I just can’t.

Year after year I spend my hard-earned cash on hats, shirts, shoes, and everything in between and I will keep doing so.

A kicker has one job; one!


For love of humanity, to those who will send death threats, stop it!

To us this is just a game we are passionate about, he is human and doesn’t deserve that kind of crap, neither does his family!

The Bucs did what they needed to do with that huge pass from Winston to Evan’s! They even moved the ball into a great position for Gay to win it!

I was on edge, actually praying that he would make it.

When he missed it though, I lost it! Every season the same old crap!

There just has to be someone out there that can do the job. Start open auditions.

I’m not going to personally attack the guy, but Sunday’s game just wrenched my heart out!

We should be 2-1 and on top if our division, but we’re not.

By Wednesday I’m usually better mentally and ready for the next game, but man I gotta be honest with you, this one hit me hard.

Now we’re on the road against the Rams, and they are one of my most hated rivals along with the Eagles and Cowboys.

I sure hope whoever is kicking for us on Sunday can put it between those yellowish poles!

Rant has expired, Go Bucs!