September 29, 2023

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My Day @ the Ray Jay

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Wow! I spent a lot of money getting from Michigan to Florida.

My main goal was to come down here to see family, which I haven’t seen in twelve years!

Since I was coming down to Port Richey anyway, I thought, “I’m going to the game!

For months I looked forward to seeing family and watching the game!
My brother, Curt, picked me up from St. Petersburg Airport, we ate, we shopped for Bucs hats, and anticipated going to the game!

As we approached the stadium on Dale Mabry, my excitement grew ready for victory!

We got to our parking, walked to the stadium went to one of the small shops and I bought a Coach Arians hat!

We collected four visors they were handing out with the 100th Anniversary on it!

As we were buying collector cups, I saw Bucca-Fett (Sorry if the spelling is incorrect!) walk by so I chased him down, and he was cool with walking about 50 yards back to where I left my brother to finish the transaction.

We got to our seats and talked with a couple of animated Bucs fans, Joseph and Katrice Simmons. They have been in the Tampa area since 1989.

On one of the time outs, they were tossing stuff into the crowd, the guy throwing made eye contact with me, threw a dart about 30 rows, and I caught the red mini football bead necklace!

Well, now about the game.

Too many blown opportunities. Too many penalties. Too many turnovers.
That game was very winnable!

The Defense though, even when put into tough situations by the offense they did their job most of the time!

We had the 49ers in third downs all day! They didn’t score easily and were forced to settle for FGs because of penalties and our defense stopping them.

I still had fun with my brother, but when you plan a vacation based on a game, you always need to be prepared to lose and still enjoy your day!

Well as always, Go Bucs!