September 25, 2023

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Are we Ready?

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My assignment for this article is to answer if I feel the team is ready for week one.

While I have written most of my articles on how impressed I am with Bruce Arians and his coaching style, ideas, and how he communicates with his team, my biggest concern is our offensive line.

Jameis Winston needs time to get comfortable in the pocket

If he starts out running for his life or laying on the ground with grass stains, we will be in for a long day, every game day!

Based upon watching the starters last week, I feel that defense is our strong point, which is exciting.

Penalties in every position need to be minimized! Any time we lose yardage it’s hard to make up, especially in situations where we make a good play and then the penalty takes it away!

I think that Bruce will have done his job as far as coaching goes and that it will be up to the players to execute!

I’ll be at the game with my brother Curt and I really need a big fat “W” in the opener!

So I hope that things are worked out by September 8, so I can cheer my Bucs on in victory!

The preseason tells lies and the regular season is where we will see if everything taught, was learned.

I really hope we play loose and score often!

My prediction?

49ers 23

Bucs 24

Matt Gay game-winning F.G. 😎🤔🏈

Go Bucs!