December 6, 2023

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Kicking It!

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As a Bucs fan since 1976, I have seen the good, the bad and the really ugly!

The “really ugly” in my opinion since we have fallen from the company of Vince Lambardy’s grace, has been the drop off of the defense and the kicker position!

In 2018 the Bucs lost (4) games by (3) points or less. With a record of (5-11) do the math and you’ll see that a (9-7) record was possible!

In the 2018 NFC Playoffs Philly entered with a record of (9-7)

There are more scenarios involved in why a team lost or “should have won” in every game, but one could argue that the missed kicks in 2018 truly caused a problem!

I laugh as I write this because if we did have those victories, Bruce Arians wouldn’t be in Tampa right now!

Matt Gay, in my opinion, has earned his way to the starting position (as long as he continues doing well) by kicking a 55 yarder in Pittsburgh which was a record at Heinz Feild and the 48 yarder to win against Miami!

Let’s cheer our Bucs on and not be like some “fans” on social media who bash the team even when they win.

Preseason is for coaches to run football scenarios in-game situations! They want to win, but in the end, coach Bruce Arians NEEDS to test the players to see if they have learned!

Some people just don’t understand this, oh well!

Go Bucs!