December 7, 2023

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Buccaneers Fill Up The Practice Squad

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have formed their practice Squad. According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Buccaneers have signed CB Mazzi Wilkins, RB Bruce Anderson, WR Emanuel Hall, C Nate Trewyn, DT Terry Beckner JR, QB Nick Fitzgerald, and Safety John Battle.

Mazzi Wilkins and Bruce Anderson had one heck of a preseason, and definitely, deserve a place on the roster even if it’s just the practice squad. Beckner Jr seemed a little slow to me but is a good enough player to keep for depth in case he is needed. Jordan Leggett will do well with the extra practice as he didn’t show me a whole lot in the preseason, but was having a pretty good training camp. Nick Fitzgerald is a journeyman not just a QB and could prove to be an asset, if healthy, considering you can put him in several different positions. I would have rather seen Schnell kept over Hall, but Hall wasn’t too bad either. Putting Nate Trewyn on the practice squad is a no brainer because, with time, this kid is going to be a solid back up maybe even a starter one day.

Overall it’s not a bad practice squad and it is oddly satisfyingly to have all these new names on our practice squad. We’ve had the same names on the practice squad for so long, it seemed that we would have the same guys on that list, forever.