December 6, 2023

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Matt Gay: Baby on the way

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Bruce Arians spoke a little about Matt Gay and his wife Milli’s expecting the birth of their first child. While nothing has been said of the baby being born just yet, the news could come very soon. While wishing the Gay family best, Arians is looking forward to the dad to be’s return to practice for the upcoming season opener.

“He left from Dallas to go have the baby delivered. The baby did turn finally, so it is not breaching anymore, so hopefully, we get good news in the next day or so that he is born, and everybody is healthy. Then we will try to get him back here.”

Featured Image Credit: Bucs K Matt Gay - Cliff Welch/ Pewter Report

Arians was asked if the birth of Matt Gay’s child would have any effect on their decision making about kicker Cairo Santos, and it seems that it will not and that a plan had been placed for Matt Gay since being drafted. However, Arians did leave it open to an anything could happen scenario.

“No, we have had this plan for Gay since the beginning. Whatever happens with those two guys in the next 24 hours, happens.”

Bucs Life News would like to congratulate Matt Gay and his wife as we patiently await the announcement of the newest member of the Gay family.

Arians also mentioned that calls have been coming in regards to the kickers, so a trade scenario is possible. He also mentioned that they are open to trading other players as well.

“The calls have already started coming in, so we will see how that goes in the next 48 hours. With not just kickers, but anybody else that we feel is possibly tradeable and we replace them with someone we might like better.”

An added note: The team has no restrictions regarding anyone being cut that there are no financial restrictions in place that would deter his decision to let a player go.

“Well no because contracts will be over. If a guy is making $10 million and he is cut, then he is going back to square one – get some cash and play for whatever you want to play for.”

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