December 6, 2023

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Arians loves the abillity to challenge pass interference calls

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This is not breaking news, but there is a new rule that has been implemented into the NFL this year. Thanks to the debacle of what happened in this past season’s NFC Championship game between the Saints and the Rams, where the referees missed a blatant pass interference penalty on the Rams, coaches are now allowed to challenge pass interference calls.

A new precedent has been set in the NFL. Bruce Arians loves the ability to challenge pass interference calls. Arains was recently quoted as saying “I love the ability to correct their mistake.”

I’m still a little bit concerned about how this is going to play out because now, all of the coaches are going to want to challenge every single pass interference call that ever happens. These calls can certainly change the outcome of games. Some people think that the games are already too long and want to speed up the pace of the games. This is going to make the games take longer if the referees are constantly having to stop the game, go under the hood and look at the replay, get the call from the official in the booth. I’m all for replays and reviews for overturning things like a catch, a touchdown, a fumble, the spot of the ball, etc. Being able to challenge a penalty sets a dangerous precedent because it can be a slippery slope. Next, they’re going to want to challenge penalties like holding, etc.

They might as well just do what they do in baseball when deciding what to do on a majority of plays that can’t be reviewed, the umpires huddle, talk about what each one saw from their view or vantage point and make a majority decision. That would keep the game running smoother and faster.

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