March 31, 2023

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Postgame: Tackling in the secondary has improved.

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Let’s not sugarcoat this any further than we have to: these boys still have a long road ahead of them. They’re nowhere near where I’d like them to be on skillset and even less as far as their health is concerned. Losing David, Vea, JPP, Edwards, and Nelson to name a few(that’s not a full list, last I checked it was much longer) hurts, no pun intended.

For all the flack the defense is catching right now, though, they’ve come a long way. Our secondary so far makes tackles after catches. Big deal, right? That’s their job! Of course, I don’t blame you for thinking that and deep down I do as well. I’ll give you a challenge, though. Go on YouTube and watch a highlight reel of any winning or losing game the Buccaneers had last season.

The biggest issues we had in the secondary? Missed tackles. Player position, aggression, loss of morale, youth, and health were all causes in that, sure, but you can’t stop a scoring drive if the safety and a corner can’t stop a big play from unfolding.

Granted, you won’t stop them all. Touchdowns happen, mistakes are made, and receivers can be far more athletic than the corners on the roster.

It’s a competitive league and they’re all trying to win, it happens. Competent tackling in the secondary will definitely help the Bucs when they’ll need it the most. Have faith, the tides are turning.