December 6, 2022

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Sean Murphy-Bunting: First Preseason Game

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*Opinion Editorial*

Last night we saw the debut of our rookies and Sean Murphy-Bunting, in particular, was one I was looking forward to seeing in action. Although a lot of people will focus on the bad things, like the times he got burned or was just flat out-out of position, or took a bad angle, and yeah, he looked a little “shaky” and seemed to have a “rocky start”, but I say let’s focus on the positive things. The times he took the right angles and had his guy locked down.

What we have with Murphy-Bunting is a guy with tremendous-athletic-ability and smarts. People forget that he is a rookie who still thinks he can just rely on his athletic ability, but with time, your gonna see a guy who will be a great defensive back for us. Some positions you have to let the speed of the game catch up and cornerback back is one of those positions.

Once Murphy-bunting starts using his head as much as his athletic ability and the speed of the game catches up to him, your gonna see a guy who has potential to be great. I think he is a smart enough player to be that and achieve that very quickly. Let’s not forget that other great corners and defensive backs had a rough go of it in their first few preseason games as well.

Ronde Barber wasn’t great his few preseason games or his first season for that matter, and look how his career turned out. Now, before you talk trash, I am not saying Murphy-Bunting will be Ronde Barber, but he has a ton of potential, so let’s not let one game decide his fate, and let’s all learn to be a little patient Bucs Life Family.

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