December 6, 2023

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My Two Doubloons: Ryan Griffin on the outside looking in.

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Ryan Griffin has been in the league two years longer than Jameis Winston and two years less than Blaine Gabbert and has yet to take a regular-season snap.

He was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2013 by the New Orleans Saints, and since then, he has worked tirelessly to remain a part of a team. The Bucs snagged him in 2015 to compete with Mike Glennon, but ultimately found himself on the practice squad until Glennon took a swim in the free-agent pool in 2017. Griffin, being Dirk Koetter’s guy, easily secured a backup spot on the Buccaneers roster, until Ryan Fitzpatrick came along. Heck, he didn’t have much in the way of competition until then.

Bruce Arians took over as head honcho in Tampa earlier this year and began bringing in competition for everyone and Griffin is once again on the outside looking in. After Arians brought in veteran quarterback Blaine Gabbert, some fans actually believed that he would eventually take over the starting role from Jameis Winston. Yeah, I am still laughing about that one, too. But Ryan Griffin isn’t laughing. It’s easy to see that Gabbert is the better quarterback and is more than likely going to win that number two spot on the depth chart. If Arians takes the Buccaneers into the season with three quarterbacks, then Griffin has a shot at the 3rd spot, but newcomer Vinny Testeverdae Jr. will compete for that spot himself.

If Griffin does not show a reason for him to be on the roster, he will be on his way out as practice squad is most likely not an option for him. So this season, with Arians keeping a watchful eye on his quarterbacks, Griffin is definitely on the outside looking, as seven years of showing potential is quite long enough.

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