December 7, 2023

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BUCCANEERDOME -13 Receivers enter, 6 will emerge with a roster spot!

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The Obvious

Everyone knows who Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Breshad Perriman are.  Quite a few know who Scotty Miller, Justin Watson, and Bobo Wilson are.  Chances are though unless you’re a Bucs Diehard, and nothing escapes your utility belt of knowledge.  You won’t probably know who the hell Bryant Mitchell, K.J. Brent, Anthony Johnson, DaMarkus Lodge, Spencer Schnell, Cortrelle Simpson, and Xavier Ubosi are.  It’s those seven players that want to make it to the “Quite a few know who they are” list.  13 players to fill 6 spots.  Really it’s not even that good for their chances, because 3 of the spots, probably 4, are already taken.  So it’s 9 receivers, fighting over 2 spots.  The Bucs could go with more than 6 at the position, but odds are it will be 6 on the 53 man roster. with another one or two making the practice squad if not signed elsewhere after the final cuts.

Beyond the Guaranteed 3

Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Breshad Perriman have their spots locked down.  Feeling here is that Rookie Scotty Miller (4.30 40 ) out of Bowling Green U. will lock up the 4th spot.  That’s blazing speed folks, World-Class Speed, talking greased lightning speed for the white boy that plays bigger than his 5’11” 170 lb. frame. (disclaimer- It is so rare that a white boy runs that fast, I had to give him props, no racial intent, just amazement.) Catches the ball well in a crowd, and can play all three receiver positions.  You’d have to beat me punch drunk, about the head, to get me to think a guy like that isn’t going to be kept around Dale Mabry after final cuts are made.  Not a big secret that he was taken as a steal in the 6th round to hopefully fill Humph’s shoes.  In my opinion, this kid will more than do that.  He will remind you a lot of A. Hump (I always wanted to call him that, in a sentence like that.) In the way that he will make catches at critical times to extend drives. Again, feeling here is he can, and will be even better than the old number ten.


Last two spots, 9 guys fighting for them

The next two spots are anybody’s guess.  DaMarkus Lodge may grab the 5th spot, he looked good at early practices and minicamp.  He caught the eye of coaches and was spoken of highly by the same.   The rest of the bunch are guys that have drifted from team to teams practice squad, or Undrafted Free Agents from the 2019 draft. Even some Bucs Practice Squad hangovers.  Anthony Johnson, Bobo Wilson, Justin Watson are most likely fighting for the last slot, with maybe Watson having the best shot, but it’s a coin toss.  Once training camp gets into full swing, the cream should rise to the top, and make things much more clear. Wilson has been on the edge of catching on but just hasn’t got both feet in yet.  So out of a very populated position, there will be only 6.  Stay tuned.  Go Bucs!!

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