December 4, 2023

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Mike Evans take on Devin White and his fellow rookie, Defensive Backs

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After Minicamp ended, Mike Evans was asked by Zachary Seifter an intern at Joe Bucs, what he thought of Devin White and the young blood around him? Evans replied,

“I love his game,” Evans said of White. “You know, his position, you need to see more like game-time things because the linebackers need pads on to tackle and stop the run, and fit the run and stuff like that. But he’s been looking good. He’s vocal out there. He’s bringing energy as well as like I said the defensive backs are bringing energy. He’s bringing a lot of it, as well. He knows all the plays. Like, our rookies don’t seem to look like rookies; like they barely mess up. And when they do, they get it corrected right away. He’s flying around. He’s making plays. I’m looking forward to seeing what Devin White can do.

Seems that when Bruce Almighty said the secondary was fixed, he wasn’t just whistling, “Hey, Hey, Tampa Bay, the Bucs know how to..!” With Evans’ description of the rookies, it sounds like he’s building faith and trust in their abilities early on. There’s an excitement that you can see even in these, printed words. You can tell he seems genuinely impressed. First of all, Mike Evans plays at a very high level so I would tend to believe that he may judge within that same level of effort, physically, and mentally (in reference to Evans saying if the rookies mess up, they correct it right away). When a guy that’s one of the top 4-5 guys in the League at his position, and has been most of his career talks football, you tend to listen to what he’s saying. So it’s all good so far with White and his fellow Defensive rookie additions. He ended his take with, “I’m looking forward to seeing what Devin White can do.” My feelings exactly Mr. Evans. Go Bucs!!

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